Saenger Halle 1872

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$40 Boho Sign Sept. 3rd - 1PM
$35 September 8th - 6PM
$35 September 8th - 6PM


Saenger Halle (properly pronounced in German as Zang-er Hall-ay) is in the process of being restored to its former glory by visionaries Cass Grunewald and Molly Hurley. Locally known as Singer Hall, this charming 145 year old building was the “place to be” back in its heyday bringing in crowds for school musicals, bands, parties, dances, and stage presentations.
Built by the Saenger Choir in 1872, the building features first level meeting rooms, and a second story ballroom complete with a balcony and an entry way ticket booth. Over the years, several local organizations met at Saenger Halle. Groups included the local Freemasons, the Eastern Stars, church groups, and the Saenger Choir, among others.



The second story underwent a fairly extensive renovation when the Masonic Lodge moved in. This renovation included the addition of a drop ceiling, a wall dividing the second story landing from the main ballroom, a ledge around the perimeter of the room, and carpet. Restorations to the second level are scheduled to begin November 2017. Work includes removal of the drop ceiling and separation wall, refinishing the hardwood floors, plaster repair, and new lighting.
Industrial meets vintage charm in the Ballroom at Saenger Halle. Our space will be the premier destination for local wedding receptions, community events, and artist shows.



Now open!

During renovations in the west meeting room on the lower level of the building, several drawings were uncovered. These drawings were self-portraits of carpenter Frank Herold, and painters Brawner and McKee Bonnefon dated March the 10th of 1888. The sketches have been preserved and will be on display in the new studio of Saenger Halle.

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The studio hosts a variety of art classes including acrylic painting, pottery, and DIY craft courses. Come unwind with us after a long work week. Bring your favorite beverage, listen to music, and indulge in your new favorite hobby. Date night…girls night out…you name it; Saenger Halle will be the place to celebrate.

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Exposed bricks walls, 12 foot ceilings, and layers upon layers of charm make the studio your ideal place to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, bridal showers, graduations, and family reunions. Our space includes access to a small kitchenette, and seating for up to 50 people. Contact Cass or Molly via phone or email to book a class or reserve the space.

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Coming Fall 2017!

Upon completion of the studio, our focus will be on renovating the east meeting room. This space will house a market that features local handmade furniture, goods, antiques, and home decor. Celebrate small business and shop local with Saenger Halle!