Welcome to Warsaw

Have you ever ached for a place where the river ran south every morning? Have you ever wished there was only 1 stop light on the way to work? How about a place where silence was the norm and sidewalks allowed you to walk? A town where you can power walk along the river and celebrate with a bloody-mary any time of the day? Come visit Warsaw. We are across the Mississippi River from Alexandria, MO and Keokuk, IA. If you are travelling by car, we are just off Hwy 96 on The Great River Road. Motorcyclists love Warsaw and we love motorcyclists.

A great place to get off the bike, stretch the legs and grab a bite to eat. Four restaurants and six bars to choose from. Order your food to go and sit down by the river or take a nature walk through Kibbe Environmental Park. Eagles, deer, osprey, herons are all things you might see sitting at the river's edge. We have history from 1812 and many generations of Mississippi River life on the Great River Road. Fishermen, hunters, outfitters, nature-walkers, geode hunters, geo-cachers, and weekend road trippers love Warsaw!

Near the westernmost point of Illinois, along the banks of the Mississippi River, lies Warsaw, Illinois. Located on the Great River Highway.

During the War of 1812, two forts were built on the Mississippi River bluffs where Warsaw is now located. Fort Edwards was an important location for the American military, the Sauk and Fox Indians, and the earliest trappers and settlers who came to the Western Illinois wilderness. Although the fort is no longer standing, you can stand on our bluffs and see three states, each with the same letter beginning and ending their names - AlexandriA, Missouri,....KeokuK, Iowa.......WarsaW, Illinois. Wander through the streets of Warsaw and relive the past, Warsaw hasn't changed much at all. There are self-guided tours and tour books can be picked up at many local establishments.