Warsaw is a paradise for Nature Lovers of all kinds. The Kibbe Resarch Center sponsored by WIU is located just out of town. The field station management area includes 230 acres owned by Western Illinois University, and 1450 acres owned by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources which is open to the public during daylight hours and includes 12 miles of hiking trails and 5 geocaches on the property. You will see white tailed deer, wild turkeys, beaver, river otters, massive turtles and all kinds of bird life. You can get more information about the geode-caching and nature trails on:

Eagle Watching in Warsaw Illinois

Eagle Watching

In January the eagles arrive and nest near the river for the winter. Eagle Days feature special informational sessions and watching areas for all. For all bird watchers we have too many to list, but some species you will be able to watch include: coopers hawk, osprey, great horned owl, whistling swans, pelicans, many types of ducks, red-breasted merganser, red-throat woodpeckers and many many more.

Warsaw offers excellent Eagle watching during the Winter months. There are 4 spots we recommend for premium Eagle watching.

As you come into Warsaw from the North, you will see Kibbe Environmental Park to your left. This park features acres of nature trails but from the hill you can watch roosting and travelling Eagles. Check out the Kibbe Website here.

Further into town, on the right is a pull out. You can see not only Eagles floating on the Mississippi River or flying above or sitting in a tree just beyond… but also see where the Des Moines River dumps into the Mississippi River and divides Iowa and Missouri. The view is just amazing.

Once you leave there, you drive up the hill and take a right when you get to town. Go down a couple blocks until you run into Ralston Park, take a right and a right and you will be at the Point. This is the previous location of Fort Edwards in 1812.

Saving the best for last, drive down elevator hill to Water St. and enjoy a mile of riverfront access and bird watching. Riverfront Park offers a lot of parking and vantage points.

Smokin’ Gun Hunting Lodge

Smokin’ Gun Lodge offers many types of bird hunts and a lodge on site. More information can be found on:

Shuhart Creek Whitetails

Guided Whitetail deer hunting in West Central, Illinois in Hancock County on the Mississippi River Bluffs. We have 2,500 acres of land for bow and gun hunting.



Catfish, Carp, Buffalo, Walleye, Striper, Perch and more!